Book Lover Problems

Books give us an affordable and wonderful form of traveling without ever leaving the couch. Studies show that readers have helped us reduce stress, improve our grammar and foster empathy. Our obsession with the written word can cause us some concern also. Yet no one outside a reader would understand these problems.

1. The question that only a non-reader asks. What is your favorite book?…. How do you answer this IT IS NEVER JUST ONE! My favorite book changes daily, seasonally and with my mood.

2. When you finish a book you know will become a series. The ending was a complete cliffhanger, the fact it is a trilogy has already been announced, or the idea of something so fantastically good not continuing just terrifies you. The bad part of this realization is the WAITING AND WAITING. Did I mention waiting sometimes for more than a year?

3. The death of that minor character. You know the one that the author obviously wasn’t invested in and killed off for a plot twist. This though was your favorite character, you even have the rest of your lives together planned. Then the author happened. Not sure anyone understands the pain and suffering we endure for the love of books.

4. SPACE! There is never enough of it. You run out of bookshelf space and then you have to make horrible choices. Or join me in boxing up every book you own and hiding them in your basement. Yep I am a giant fire hazard. Getting rid of books feels like you are letting down the author and characters. What is they never find a good home? Who will turn their pages? What is some monster throws them in the garbage?

5. When they turn your favorite novel into a movie. Nothing about this monstrosity is how the movie played in your head as you read the book. That character did not look the same. They gave the cute guy a British accent instead of Scottish. Wrong house, car, friends, life. How dare they ruin your dream world.

6.  The ability to convince yourself you must finish the book before you go to bed. The end must be known. It is only 200 pages and it is only 11pm.

7. When someone asks for recommendations. SO many books. So little time.

8. Reading a book where an individuals eyes ( or any other feature) are explained the same way over and over throughout the pages. Smoldering grey eyes… Blehhhhh! Repetition can make an otherwise fantastic read seem foreseeable.

9. Our ability to get judgey about each other’s reading choices. Please go make faces at the people who don’t read at all. Who cares if it is romance or YA or whatever. At least they read! Support your fellow readers.

10. The looks you get because you would rather spend the weekend reading than anything else. Why are you people having another party anyway?

11. The looks you get for crying over a book in public.

12.When someone talks about how horrible the book you just read is. You loved that book.

What are you biggest reader problems. I know there are a million more. Send me a message and we will make this this longer.

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