Ebooks Are Taking Over My Life

Nothing smells like a book especially an old one that has been traded through the hands of multiple people and seen years on the shelf. I have 7 overflowing bookshelves in my house of mostly of unread books. Then there are the multiple 18 gallon totes in my basement, basically I could stock a used bookstore for a small town. I hate getting rid of books as I keep telling myself that one day I will forget everything I have read and will be able to reread each sentence like it was the first time. I would love to be that reader that only reads physical books, they are prettier and you get the satisfaction of seeing how far you have read. You get to put the book on a shelf for everyone to look at and admire your reading prowess.

Yet now I have to admit my ereader is taking over my library and by taking over I mean I now own over 3,000 books between my kindle and nook. My ereader is a necessary evil if I want the ability to keep all of my books. I am a horder of books and I do not want that to change, but space dictates I make hard decisions. I am always listening to two audio books and reading at least two other books and I can not imagine having to put all of that in my purse. Never with my ereader am I without all my books, and I can read across devises if my chance my kindle or nook has a dead battery.


A normal week has me finishing between 3 and 9 books. A vacation week at the beach can be 15 or more. The airport baggage was constantly telling me my suitcase was to heavy and that was before I actually was at my destination shopping. In no way am I saying this has prevented my continued buying of physical books. I still spend around 2000 dollars a year on physical books. I try to stick with just the authors I love most and the occasional new novel that sounds to fantastic to possibly pass up.

Here is where I admit my dirty secret though: I am starting to love my ereader more than my physical library. I love the fact my ereader acts as dictionary and translator. I can make notes without ever ruining a page. I read even more then I did before purchasing an ereader, if that is at all possible. My ereader is small weighing no more then a paperback book and slim enough I can actually fit it in my clutch purses. Sitting in a doctors office, in the theater at intermission, or waiting for the rest of my party to show up for dinner are just a few of the places I find the free two or three minutes of extra reading time. I read faster then I ever did with a physical book and I don’t peek ahead ruining the story for myself.

Personally the only downfall of my ereader is my ability to go book shopping at all hours of day and night. Someone could limit the hours of shopping and I would be okay with that. Most nights I read until I fall asleep and all without using a lamp or overhead light. The press of a button turns of my screen and allows me to fall into the dreams of the last fantasy world I visited. Then there is the additional bonus of being able to let my 2 year old niece watch Black Beauty when we go out for lunch or dinner, my favorite toddler can watch horses all day long. All I know is I can not argue with results; 200 plus books into 2018 and not showing any sign of stopping.


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