The Last Thing I Saw

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The perfect family. A moment that will change everything.

Emma thought she had the perfect life: a beautiful home, a loving husband and a gorgeous son.

She was wrong.

She wakes up in hospital, with no idea how she got there or why her husband and son won’t come to see her. What happened to Emma’s family?

As Emma tries to piece her memories back together, she remembers that her husband was hiding something from her, and that someone was watching their house.

She remembers that she was afraid.

Emma is desperate to find out what happened – and that her loved ones are safe – but remembering the truth could be the most dangerous thing of all…

An addictive and page-turning psychological thriller that will having you looking over your shoulder and checking the doors are locked. If you love B.A. Paris, Shari Lapena and K.L. Slater, The Last Thing I Saw is for you.


2 stars ***

I listened to this book through Audible and I enjoyed the narrators voice for the most part, the pronunciation of some words messed with me a little bit. The blurb on the book caught my attention but the novel did leave me unsatisfied and unsurprised. The way the author moved back and forth in time from the hospital to the events that lead Emma to being there was a very captivating start, a gripping time frame that in the beginning of the book intriguing you. Was Emma in the psychiatric facility because of something that was done to her or something that she did? Then the facts starting muddying the waters and Emma’s mis-remembered events didn’t help to clear anything up.

After the introduction things slow down markedly, playing out many scenes that seem to be part of a different story. For a story sold as a thriller to me it lacked any plot twists or unexplained events that kept me guessing. I knew who the bad guy was and everything played out how I expected from there. I had signed on for a thriller and was caught in a book about abuse in a psychiatric facility, a world of pill abuse and orderlies who shouldn’t be in the profession; in a world of family arguments, broken curfews and business troubles. The mundane outweighed the interesting notably.

While trying to avoid spoilers I can also say that Emma’s character was unequivocally negative to the core in her perceptions and clueless about the facts right in front of her. She never truly fought against the events that effected her family, in front of reader eyes that is, the book focused solely on the aftermath. None of the characters outside of Emma and one other character developed any real characteristics, they only played plot fillers and had no depth beyond the surface story. Husband was just an overworked and unappreciative person, son was just the ‘typical’ teen who is lying and breaking rules.

Some of the plot seemed to be forced in order to get the story to certain plot points and to explain that point. If this had been a physical book I would have skimmed to the end and donated it to goodwill. It was was not a book I feel should have a permanent place on my shelves.

To See on Goodreads.

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