About RumourReading

My name is Rumour (at least that is the pseudonym I use). I have the best dog in the whole world and I am addicted to the written word. Whether it be fact or fiction if you hand me a compelling piece of writing I get lost in a new world. In my daily life I am an employee, friend and daughter who is mostly a little crazy but with all the best of intentions.

After being an avid reader and listener of books for the past 32 years, I wondered if there was any more I could contribute to the world of writing. I thought and debated and held private polls in my head for months. I have a huge range of literary interests and could recommend something for almost everyone. While I have an infinite amount of ideas I also have an attention span that lasts only as long as it takes to read a novel or pen a few paragraphs. Sadly I will not be America’s next darling of the mind.

But I am a reading fanatic, or suffering from an addiction according to what I just read in an article on The Odyssey. I have all 7 signs this article warns of. If you are reading this please send help …. or books, I would completely take books.